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The 5 Best Gold Bullion Investments Of 2011

Gold bullion investments have become increasingly popular in the past few years as the overall demand for gold has skyrocketed due to a failing United States economy. It seems like more investors than ever before are beginning gold bullion investments in order to protect their wealth from the devastating effects of a weakening economy, most importantly the inflation that is running rampant across our nation. Fortunately, gold is one of the most effective inflationary hedges, and today I would like to point out the 5 best gold bullion investments available to you:

1. American Eagle Coins – These coins are produced in the United States and they are the most popular gold bullion coins available. Despite being 22 karat coins, they typically demand a higher premium because of their origin.

2. South African Krugerrand Coins – These coins are produced in South Africa and they are also some of the most popular bullion coins available. They are also 22 karat, yet they typically demand smaller premiums because of their origin.

3. Canadian Maple Leaf Coins – These coins are produced in Canada and they are favored by investors who want the purest gold possible. Consisting of pure 24 karat gold, they typically demand the highest premium because of this purity.

4. Credit Suisse Bars – These bars are the most common investment-grade bullion bars because their simple design and low premium makes them highly liquid across the world.

5. Pamp Suisse Bars – These bars are the most exclusive investment-grade bullion bars because of their beautiful design that makes them very valuable for investors seeking visually-appealing gold bars.

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Steve Kickner

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