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Gold bullion prices

Gold bullion prices escalated dramatically on Tuesday morning as the dollar index suffered its first major blow of the year against the euro. While a large percentage of economists felt that gold bullion prices would drop until the end of February, the latest surge in gold prices is strong evidence that profit-taking has subsided for the moment.

As of 4:45pm EST on Tuesday, gold had climbed $18.50 to a per-ounce price of $1119. MarketWatch reported that this drastic change was largely due to dollar devaluation, and other news outlets reported that markets profited from new bullish projections on gold coming forth from the analyst teams at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as well as Suisse America. Gold is looking to stabilize for the first quarter between $1150-$1175 per ounce, and experts and technical traders believe that gold’s all-time high of $1226 (which was reached for the first time in December 2009) could be surpassed before summer is over.

The news isn’t all sunny, however, because the Dow and Nasdaq indexes’ early gains were soon replaced by substantial losses for the day. Additionally, the latest housing market news shows that more consumers are walking away from underwater mortgages and this is increasing the number of “ghost neighborhoods,” squatters, and crime. Continued trouble in the real estate market is expected for 2010 and 2011, and the government’s attempts at reviving this slumbering market have largely been unsuccessful thus far.

The lack of parity between our markets is why so many have diversified into gold bullion and other forms of precious metal investments, and you can always track gold bullion prices and trends directly at

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