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Gold Bullion Dealer Reviews

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

There is certainly no shortage of gold bullion dealers within the United States today. From Hawaii to New York and from Alaska to Florida there are at least 3,000 gold bullion dealers currently in business. Most of these companies came into existence within the last two years and probably just as many will be out of business in the next two years. Gold bullion buyers in general and first-time gold buyers specifically want the most bang for their buck, and they don’t take too kindly to being ripped off.

Luckily there are at least three web sites that allow investors to review potential gold bullion dealers’ reputation with the American public. Most people know about the Better Business Bureau by now, but what they may not know is that the BBB has recently come under fire for basing company ratings at least partially on whether or not the company in question has paid for BBB accreditation. Nevertheless, the BBB is still a mostly-reliable source of info on gold bullion dealers.

Yelp is fast becoming the go-to source for facts on gold bullion companies in the United States. allows users to rate their experience with a company on a 1-5 scale, and reviewers can leave feedback, too. Yelp now allows companies to issue a public response to praise or criticism from those who have left written reviews.

If you’ve ever been ripped off by a gold bullion dealer then you may want to head to The Ripoff Report never removes user reviews, although it does make a point to place large, red-lettered notifications at the top of pages if a review has been found to be false, malicious or vindictive. If you scan The Ripoff Report for a company and nothing comes up then you have either found a solid company, or a brand new one.

No gold bullion dealer review site can accurately predict what sort of experience you will have with any company, but the aforementioned sites are a good place to start. Once you have narrowed your list down somewhat give a call to see how we can help you make the best choice for you.

Gold Bullion Dealer

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

The most important thing for prospective investors to keep in mind when considering a reputable gold bullion dealer, is their own, specific, financial needs and expectations. It’s critical to remember exactly why they are investing in the first place, and which specific type of gold investment would best customize those needs. Investors must arm themselves with knowledge, and verse themselves in the nuances of gold investing. For starters, they should familiarize themselves with fluctuations in the gold spot price, (which can be found on, and its’ relation to dollar values. Bullion prices generally tend to hover slightly above the current gold spot price, so investors should be careful not to be distracted or deterred by a captivating coin, or promises of financial fortune. Instead, they should seek a reputable gold bullion dealer with a wide selection of bullion bars and coins to customize his or her specific needs.

A great many experienced investors buy their bullion bars and coins through large-volume gold bullion dealers, since they are accustomed to assisting household investors, as well as financial institutions like insurance companies and banks. These dealers purchase gold in very large volume, and the surplus gold from their institutional transactions is sold to household investors at the same, or nearly the same discounted rate as the financial “heavy hitters”. Investors are advised to conduct background checks on any gold bullion dealer they are considering, and approvals from the Better Business Bureau are optimal. Once they have completed their research, investors are encouraged to contact one of our friendly gold specialists, who offer institutional discounts on bullion bars and coins.

Danny Burns

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