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Gold Bullion in an Iran Event

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Gold bullion shines as a currency and store of wealth in the most dire situations because paper currencies and methods of exchange break down. When the world is topsy-turvy business as usual breaks down. While this is not something that one should actively invest in, because such situations are by their very nature completely unpredictable, it has happened several times in recent human history at least.

Most people remember stories of the Second World War and the amazing role gold played in the lives of people migrating throughout the world, Europe specifically. Crossing borders, keeping police at bay, and storing wealth while currencies defaulted and disintegrated were all accomplished with the help of gold bullion.

The reason for this is the inherent value of gold. You cannot change the fact that gold is a valuable substance no matter what is happening in the world and this makes gold one of the best investments to make at any time. We know gold is valuable now and that it will be valuable in the future. That’s why it appreciates.

Right now the USS Enterprise, America’s most renowned aircraft carrier is on its way to the Arabian Gulf, or the Persian Gulf as it is known in the rest of the world. While there has been saber rattling between the West and certain Arabian powers for some time, it does not change the fact that geopolitical instability is still a very serious concern that needs to be considered by all investors.

In the event of a major conflict between Iran and the West, whether that manifests as a simple standoff or as a full-fledged military conflict of some sort, gold will immediately skyrocket in value as a safe-haven asset. This accounts for a portion of the demand in the market. Because gold is relatively sheltered from market activities, many investors prefer to enhance and hedge their portfolio with gold because it will benefit when other investments experience difficulties.

This is the basis for a gold rise on any kind of escalation in the Middle East. Even economic and diplomatic sanctions boost the gold market because they limit other markets and increase volatility.

Exactly how the current conflict in the Middle East will play out cannot be known, but we can know that there is a conflict and that gold bullion is the best way to protect yourself and accumulate your assets at this time.

Gold Bullion Sales

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Gold bullion sales continue to boom, as the spot price has yet again outdone itself by setting a new record high of $1135.70, as of 12:26 EST. The spot price is the cost of one troy ounce of pure gold, and its’ hourly fluctuations are a direct measurement of global demand for gold. It also shares an inverse correlation with dollar values, meaning that gold prices historically do the opposite of what U.S. dollar values are doing at the time. Experienced precious metals investors closely monitor dollar values in accordance with the spot price, and these investors protect their wealth in gold during uncertain economic cycles of restructuring.

Uncertainty has been the only thing that today’s historically savvy investors can rely on, because they know that gold bullion sales are the end result of increasing global demand. Since there’s only but so much gold above ground in existence, prices continue to rise with demand, because no more gold can be produced. Gold bullion sales projections remain bullish, but investors are encouraged to rely on their own diligence, and not to be easily influenced by other people’s opinions or projections. The vast majority of these so-called experts aren’t putting their own futures on their own projections; they didn’t do it when gold was under $1000 an ounce, so be wary of anybody with an opinion, a forum, and no money of their own to back it up. Household investors are far better off researching the types of short-term benefits, and long-term diversification options that gold bullion provides. These investors are encouraged to complete their research on popular bullion items like22-karat American Eagles, and 24-karat Canadian Maple Leafs, and then to contact one of our friendly specialists, who offer institutional discounts on bullion, and rare coin.

Danny Burns

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