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The Stock Market is Falling

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Perhaps only those who own and hold gold bullion are really aware of the comfort and peace gold offers in the current market. Some stocks may go up, some investors bought Apple or Google at such and such a price, but gold has always been and always will be gold. The beauty of gold is you don’t have to talk about it. I am in a financial position where I have the opportunity to discuss personal finance on a daily basis. You would be very surprised to learn how many people in the know own gold.

Of course, it makes perfect sense looking at the market. Yesterday stocks closed down on their second biggest daily loss of the year, less than a month after the media was touting eight-month highs in financials stocks and Apple cracked $600. Talk about a volatile market where you can lose a lot of money and little if any gain can be made.

Gold, on the other hand, is the sane and reliable investment in the current environment. It has performed beautifully and reliably in a bull market for eleven years, bringing a return to all investors who were wise enough to buy gold. Currently, gold is vastly undervalued compared to currency because of the trouble coming out of Europe. The Euro has fallen dramatically versus the dollar and the price of gold will reflect that dynamic in about a week’s time.

But besides that, investors want, like, and need the personal security that owning physical gold offers in an upended market. Gold is always valuable, stays with you, and no one needs to know about it or see it. Holding gold yourself is probably the best way to stay sane in the current market.

The Gold Bullion at the End of the Irish Rainbow

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

While several optimistic economic reports have bolstered US markets for the past few weeks, there are signs of fraying at the edges in the recovery. Ireland, one of the first countries to contract in the EU and one of the first to be forcefully bailed out, as a mechanism to restart growth, is now showing signs of what is being called a “re-contraction.” The Irish economy is contracting again, despite all the measures taken to boost it up.

This is important news while the price of gold bullion is correcting in the US markets and some economists are even erroneously wondering if there is the beginning of a bear market. If you need clear indications to see that the price of gold bullion will resume its upward bull market trend immediately following the current correction, then the Irish contraction is the best for you to look at.

While we see and hear news coming out of Greece and Germany regarding the lagging lack of economy and bailouts there, the news from Ireland has been very quiet for some time and many market-watchers, workers, and investors may have forgotten that there are trouble points in other European Union countries besides Germany.

For many US investors, there has been fair sailing for about four weeks now, with stocks in the financial sector at eight-month highs. This is partially why the current correction in gold bullion has been so under-reported and so protracted at 13 percent off recent highs. However, the fundamentals of an optimistic market are lacking if you simply look at the news on the horizon. The European Union is not all better and will begin producing negative sentiment in American markets again. It’s a matter of time.

If you consider objectively where the biggest growth in any market has been, you have to acknowledge precious metals, specifically gold, as one of the top performers. Whether Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve intended to benefit the gold market with its market stimulus is beside the point. That has been the effect. There is no recovery in housing, but there has been a surge in gold.

The so-called “safe-haven buying” that may have been lacking in recent weeks will resume again the gold market and gold bullion will again be valued more highly as a fundamentally sound investment in a beleaguered market.

Swiss Gold Bullion

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Switzerland has some of the largest gold refineries in the world, and produces approximately 40% of the world’s bullion bars, which bear the names Credit Suisse, and PAMP Suisse. The name PAMP stands for the words, “Produits Artistique de Mataux Precieux”. This refinery, located in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, produces bullion bars of the highest purity (999.9 fine), which have been traded in the world investment market since 1979.

Credit Suisse gold bars are the same 999.9, (24-Karat) purity, and are also one of the most popular brand names for bullion bars worldwide. Swiss gold bullion has no peer when it comes to quality and purity, as each bullion bar’s value is backed by the world renowned, Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland.

Bullion purchasing among household investors has risen exponentially over the past few years, as more and more people are concerned with depreciating dollar values. Historically, gold investment has been an effective means to preserve wealth during times of unstable fiat (printed) currency values, since gold is the true currency upon which the so-called value of paper money is based. When treasuries overprint their currency, it drives the value of that currency down, and subsequently increases the demand for gold, which in turn, prompts a higher spot price. This relationship between gold prices and dollar values is known as an “inverse correlation”.

As we encounter the onset of a long-term inflationary cycle, wise investors are purchasing Swiss gold bullion, to protect their wealth against depreciating dollar values. Historically, inflation combined with overprinted fiat currency, is a recipe for financial calamity, which can be avoided by investing in gold, which truly is the world’s oldest currency. Household investors can avoid paying retail prices for their Swiss gold bullion by contacting one of our friendly specialists, who offer institutional discounts to household investors like you.

Danny Burns

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