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The Stock Market is Falling

Perhaps only those who own and hold gold bullion are really aware of the comfort and peace gold offers in the current market. Some stocks may go up, some investors bought Apple or Google at such and such a price, but gold has always been and always will be gold. The beauty of gold is you don’t have to talk about it. I am in a financial position where I have the opportunity to discuss personal finance on a daily basis. You would be very surprised to learn how many people in the know own gold.

Of course, it makes perfect sense looking at the market. Yesterday stocks closed down on their second biggest daily loss of the year, less than a month after the media was touting eight-month highs in financials stocks and Apple cracked $600. Talk about a volatile market where you can lose a lot of money and little if any gain can be made.

Gold, on the other hand, is the sane and reliable investment in the current environment. It has performed beautifully and reliably in a bull market for eleven years, bringing a return to all investors who were wise enough to buy gold. Currently, gold is vastly undervalued compared to currency because of the trouble coming out of Europe. The Euro has fallen dramatically versus the dollar and the price of gold will reflect that dynamic in about a week’s time.

But besides that, investors want, like, and need the personal security that owning physical gold offers in an upended market. Gold is always valuable, stays with you, and no one needs to know about it or see it. Holding gold yourself is probably the best way to stay sane in the current market.

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