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Eucalyptus Trees above Gold Deposits Absorb Gold: Scientists

December 20, 2013 - Scientists in Australia have discovered that eucalyptus trees growing above gold deposits in that country have been drawing particles of gold up from the ground, through the trees and into the leaves. Forbes is reporting that veins of gold are known to exist some 30-40 meters below the spot where the eucalyptus trees break ground, and it is believed that the particles of gold traveled through the roots, up the trunk, through the branches and into the individual leaves.

Analysts discovered that branches and twigs of the affected trees had a gold concentration of about 40 parts per billion, while the leaves had a ratio that was twice as high at 80 parts per billion. While speculators are already starting to formulate plans for harvesting the golden trees, scientists warn that a forest of 500 fully-grown trees would only contain enough gold to make a 1-ounce gold bar, coin or ring.

The real benefit of the discovery is that gold exploration companies may now be able to devise less intrusive ways of finding potential mining sites. Instead of digging up tons of earth with diesel-powered machines experts can use eucalyptus leaves to determine the quality of underground gold. Australia and its companies could also make money on novelties like branches or dried, framed leaves from gold-tinged eucalyptus trees.

With many government struggling to pay the bills physical gold is more important than ever. Governments need it to inspire trust and to pay the bills, while individuals need it to gain financial independence from the world’s broken financial system. Gold bullion mining stands to become more affordable and efficient with this discovery, meaning those who recognize the value of gold bullion could soon be able to purchase it at a competitive price due to decreased gold bullion exploration costs.

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