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Gold Firm Introduces Divisible Gold Card for Scary New World

January 11, 2013 - With uncertainty surrounding global finance and central banks printing money that is rapidly putting advanced nations in debt, investors are looking for ways to diversify their assets and precious metals companies are catering to those wishes.

The movement into gold has been strong amongst many investors, including Manhattan power brokers who rent space in large vaults for their gold. Though the multi-million dollar gold of a financier in Manhattan may be suitable in bar form, the traditional investors need a much smaller denomination.

While smaller gold coins, which are available in the very popular one-tenth size, are the more common way to achieve a dispensable gold currency, the Combibar Gold Card, designed for a scary new world, has been introduced by Swiss precious metals firm Valcambi as an alternative way to divvy up your gold for payment and exchange.

Weighing 50 grams, or about 1.6 troy ounces, the card is made of 99.9 percent fine gold and can easily be broken into 1 gram pieces. Each gram is worth approximately the same amount as an ounce of silver.

Much like the larger bars of gold containing 100 or 1,000 ounces, the Combibar possesses the mintmark of the firm that produced it, though it, not the vault-ready large bars, will fit in your wallet.

The popularity of gold as an alternative currency to the troubled dollar has gained an unprecedented amount of support in the last few years. Prior, the world never questioned the dollar’s supremacy as a reserve currency and a viable legal tender. With the economic crises and the rapid devaluation of the dollar for purchase of goods and services, however, many are looking to gold as an alternative form of payment.

The Combibar is nothing new in this respect. A one-tenth ounce American Eagle Gold Coin is worth approximately three times as much, making purchases slightly higher in scale, but serves the same function.

Additionally, the importance of a government mintmark in the modern era of counterfeiting makes U.S. gold coins the standard bearer for the world. Counterfeiting is a multi-billion dollar a year industry which has targeted both gold coins and gold coin consumers. If using gold as a medium of exchange between two parties, the trusted U.S. government mintmark will probably put both the U.S. American Gold Eagle, and the party receiving payment, in higher favor.


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