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Gold Bullion to Stop Europe's Debt Woes

April 24, 2012 - Buying in gold bullion may have taken a dip recently as investors eye the situation in Europe and hoard more dollars. Everyone is aware that the best way to hedge against the contagion in Europe spreading is to own gold bullion, but there is a logical possibility of investors hedging against the further failure of European institutions by hoarding excess dollars.

This is an imminently bad sign, though it is relatively unquantifiable, because it places a loose timeline around when most investors believe the trouble in Europe will come to a head. The cash they are now hoarding with such a veracity as to literally take demand out of the gold market projects a serious incursion in the American banking system within the six to twelve month range. Beginning a process of hoarding cash much longer before that is relatively unlikely for the size of the wealth of the majority of investors in question.

The reason these people are hoarding cash is investors are literally forced to be in some very bad or at least questionable markets. In this economic climate, we are all forced to make economic decisions that we would not otherwise. In order to produce returns, investment houses, banks, and individuals have literally walked into markets where the risk is such that they would never normally have participated.

One of the ways they have been insulating themselves thus far is buying gold bullion. We know gold bullion will continue to accrue value, particularly in the current market. Therefore it is a good way to insure some of the riskier bets all investors have to make now.

The question becomes when do things get so bad that investor pull right out of these leaky markets and throw everything at gold? There is undoubtedly a point in the minds of most investors when this will happen. It is only a matter of time. Gold bullion is what we have always fallen back on. The question is not necessarily one of a full-blown crisis or catastrophic end-of-the-world event, but rather how bad do things get to cause a serious spook in that market?

Once those investors get spooked out of that market, they will move, as they always do, like bats out of hell into gold. Presaging that move now and positioning yourself in the gold market may be the best financial decision you can make in a lifetime. Gold bullion is where we’re going.

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