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You simply have to play it safe with a personal reserve of gold bullion.

October 21, 2011 – If you aren’t privately holding gold bullion you are wagering everything you have on a roll of loaded dice. While it is theoretically possible to roll a natural or make point, the physics of doctored dice make it highly unlikely.

Equity investment today is no less a crap shoot, and the game is likewise rigged. There are countless scenarios for how this global monetary correction might play out badly, and just a few highly unlikely possibilities that everything will come out OK.

The Dow has gone completely berserk and for good reason: the traders’ crystal balls have grown dark. The market has ceased following their rules and they can’t figure out what will happen tomorrow, let alone a few months down the road. Wall Street, just as all of us regular folks, has to be weaned off entitlements and get back to basics.

Wall Street isn’t interested in giving up the game and moving into gold bullion quite yet, however. Insiders still believe that Poppa Bernanke can kiss their boo-boos and make them better. And so, with his legion of lemmings close at his heels, Bernanke leads the charge onward towards the approaching cliff.

In a speech before the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 56th Economic Conference Bernanke made it perfectly clear “that the current framework for monetary policy … will remain the standard approach.” The only thing he sees needing change is “the ability of central banks to communicate with the public.” From where he stands, the benefits of his policies have been amply demonstrated.

Bernanke goes on to restate his belief that the Fed must take “actions to support the normal functioning of financial institutions and markets.” Forget free market forces, Bernanke knows best. And he is hell-bent on “improving credit flows and enhancing monetary policy transmission.”

There’s not much the individual investor can do to restore sanity to the market as long the Fed is running the show. Until Bernanke is pinned to the mat by free market forces and cries uncle, the economy will keep accelerating downhill and the stock market will grow ever more erratic.

When it’s anybody’s guess what tomorrow will bring, you simply must play it safe. And that means privately holding a substantial portion of your wealth in gold bullion.

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