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How Did Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Miss Gold Bullion?

May 11, 2012 - There are few people speaking out against gold bullion these days as it has been the best performing asset of any class for the past ten years, but Warren Buffett and Bill Gates still are. Only a few short years ago, gold was considered a risky trade with many potential troubles. After the financial crisis of 2008, views changed significantly, though not all at once.

In the past three years specifically, especially since the onset of the effect of US Federal Reserve’s fiscal stimulus plans, the price of gold bullion has skyrocketed, veritably in tandem with the rise of the amount of stimulus in the system.

The stimulus we have observing consists of the injection of billions upon billions of dollars, which necessarily dilute the money supply. As a side-effect, the price of gold skyrockets because it is a real asset with meaning.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, famously, have spoken out against gold recently, become the latest and perhaps the most powerful of American businessmen to the bash the metal. George Soros spoke out against gold, even while his firm was buying it, and well-known trader Dennis Gartman issued a public apology after he incorrectly called the market a bubble during the last correction.

What is most interesting to note is that both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet missed the gold trade as it began ten years ago. Granted, their companies involve them in very different sectors, but they are investors on top of the American economy. It is startling to think they could have missed the trade and missed the trend in gold bullion.

Bill Gates said “Gold is a tough one because it is so psychological.” While that is true, that does not make it a bad investment. Particularly if there is a very psychological aspect, in the current market environment that makes gold a very impressive investment.

Gold is unquestionably the trade of the last ten years, and though we are currently in a correction, it promises to continue on that path for the foreseeable future, despite what Bill Gates or Warren Buffet claim. Gold bullion will continue its major bull market following the current dip.

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