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February 8, 2010 – While gold prices have dipped recently and silver and platinum figures have tumbled, pricing on gold bullion-related coins has remained steady, suggesting that large circulation certified gold coins are on the front edge of the anticipated recovery in precious metal prices.

Gold prices have dipped about 1.5% in the past week, while both silver and platinum have tumbled between 6 and 7%; while these prices have impacted new silver and gold bullion, old large circulation bullion coins have see very little impact and appear to be performing quite well on better issue dates.

Among the higher circulation coins, common date Morgan and Peace dollars have stayed steady because of increased promotional demand and low supplies. High quality pieces for each have maintained strong prices, with S-mint Peace dollar values dropping only for lower grade coins. In the Morgan dollars, 1879-CC, 1889-CC and 1884-S coins have all recently advanced for MS60 and above grades. In new gold bullion, proof sets have been led by the 2008 version in both demand and prices.

While some people assume all gold bullion is driven strictly by gold spot price, demand and coin grade both play a part as well. An investor who is looking for coins that bring good returns on investment will look for pieces that have each element, picking the best coins for the targeted price range.

Although the gold spot price has dipped recently, not all gold bullion or high circulation pieces have been affected equally. Investors should look to pick up desirable pieces and take advantage of the correction to buy gold bullion coins before the prices rise again. 

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