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October 24, 2011 – Dr. Ron Paul’s crusade for a return to currency backed by gold bullion appears to be gaining momentum. Republican presidential candidates, especially Tea Partiers in particular, are increasingly taking up the cause.

A Rasmussen Reports survey taken last Friday reveals that voters are warming up to the idea, with 44% at least somewhat in favor while only 28% are not. But the survey also suggests that there is a widespread lack of understanding about what a return to the gold standard means.

When told that going back on the gold standard would “dramatically reduce the power of central bankers and political leaders to steer the economy,” those in favor jumped to 57% while those against fell to 19%. Almost two-thirds of mainstream voters would approve of the change if it means taking control over the economy away from politicians and the Fed.

However, slightly more than half of the political class – those whose livelihood is derived from politics and the pool from which future leaders are drawn – oppose any reconnection of our currency to gold bullion.

In the past that may have precluded any real chance of getting back to hard money, but Americans today are sick and tired of being brushed aside. Nearly three-quarters of all voters now “believe government and big business work together against the interests of consumers and investors.” That is a force to be reckoned with, but so far they have failed to take up the cause in earnest.

While two thirds of voters don’t hold a favorable opinion of the Fed, fewer than half “have followed news stories about whether the U.S. monetary system should return to the gold standard” and just 15% have followed the issue closely. Still the anti-Fed sentiment is growing and it transcends “nearly all demographic groups.”

With a growing cadre of presidential hopefuls beating the drum the debate over returning to the gold standard is certain to be brought to the forefront. It is a perfect campaign issue, one sure to resonate with voters who already know in their gut that the collusion between our politicians, Wall Street, and the Fed are to blame for their economic hardship.

Once the connection between a sound currency anchored to gold bullion and a healthy economy becomes better understood, Ron Paul made a last step forward to take his bows.

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