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November 30, 2009 – Newcomers to the gold market have often told me how surprising it is that there are so many different types of gold bullion on the market. Every year there are more new products released by national mints and private companies, but not all of these items are advantageous investments for US consumers right now.

Gold bullion bars are an affordable way to enter the gold market, because gold bullion bars closely follow the active gold spot price that is listed on the Commodities Exchange (COMEX). There are literally hundreds of companies that produce gold bullion bars, but major exchanges do not bid on products from all of these companies. Johnson-Matthey, Credit-Suisse, PAMP-Suisse, and Engelhard gold bars offer liquidity that other brands cannot, because these four companies have a long-standing history of issuing bars with guaranteed and unquestioned purity. Major exchanges will offer fair market value for bars produced by these firms, and fair markup for gold bullion bars is 2-4% over the gold spot price.

Mints around the globe produce gold bullion coins, which are slightly more attractive than their bullion bar counterparts. While bullion coins are slightly more expensive than bullion bars, some investors prefer to hold gold coins that are legal tender in the country in which they were minted. The majority of gold bullion coins trade for 4-8% over the gold spot price, but investors should remember that both gold bullion bars and coins are assayed and tracked by our government. For more information on the types of gold bullion or private, certified gold coins, contact us directly through email or call our toll-free help desk to have all your questions answered by our friendly specialists. 

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