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Daily Gold Bullion Update

Purchasing bullion gold is an efficient means of investment in gold and protection from the economic mess that the USA and much of the world have gotten into. Despite a temporary rally of the dollar, unemployment is still high and war continues in the Middle East draining American blood and treasure.

Historians say that it was war that spelled the end of the British Empire, even though Great Britain did not lose it colonies for another generation. It would seem that the United States is following the same course and compounding its sorry state with economic mismanagement as well. Bullion gold becomes more attractive every day as the seemingly endless litany of mismanagement and disaster presents itself hourly on the news.

Because of the variety of sizes that bullion gold comes in it is very transportable on one hand, and a very compact form of wealth on the other. In times of economic devastation such as the 1920’s German Weimar Republic, inflation increased one trillion fold. That is, one paper Mark was worth one gold Mark at the end of the World War I and four and half years later a gold mark was worth one trillion paper marks. In an era when one needed a wheelbarrow full of currency to buy a loaf of bread having bought bullion gold was, in fact, a life saver.

Bullion is the bulk form of gold and comes in sizes of 1,000 kilograms, one kilogram, a tael, which is 37.429 grams, a tola, which is 22.6638038 grams, and a Ten Tola of 117 grams. Bullion coins are an ounce, such as the American Gold Eagle, and function as bullion, making these coins valuable as well as a collectable work of art. 

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