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July 15, 2011 – The economy is no longer hinting that you should buy gold bullion. It is shouting. As the deadline for averting the greatest fiscal calamity in America’s history draws near, the last bastions of reason are in full retreat.

Just the mere mention of QE3 should send shivers down the spine of every rational person, yet Bernanke has made it abundantly clear that he still believes in magic. And our leaders are bound and determined to put America’s future up as table stakes in their penny ante game of politics.

As if there could be any doubt about where they stand, Bernanke’s Wall Street cronies have rallied, salivating over the thought of billions more in free money. Throughout this whole sordid affair, not one single person has risen in support of the American people. Maybe we just don’t want it enough.

After all, we keep demanding the impossible too. We all want spending cuts, just none that affect us personally. We even want more taxes, as long as our own don’t go up. What America wants is exactly what Bernanke suggests: magic. What America needs is leadership.

Leadership runs on trust and respect. If we believe that our leaders respect us, that they are making an honest effort to understand our concerns and needs, and that they are acting in our best interests, then we will respect them. If our leaders are open and trust us to handle the cold hard truth and to do our share for the common good, then we will trust them to lead us through the most difficult times.

Fat chance of that happening any time soon. So things will get worse – a whole lot worse. The day will eventually come when enough Americans have suffered enough to turn things around. I believe that time is not in the distant future – it is just around the bend.

America cannot survive in isolation and the world is weary of our games. We are very close to the point where the lesser evil is to step back, let us collapse, then pick up the pieces. – the breakaway is a lot closer than you may think.

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