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European Gold Bullion

January 10, 2010 - There are several sources of gold bullion coins in the world. European gold bullion coins, for example, include the British Britannia, the Austrian Philharmonic, a re-strike of the Emperor Franz Joseph I Austrian coin from 1915, and the Golden French Rooster, the Coq d’Or. The Coq d’Or was minted from 1901 until the First World War. This coin was in circulation but, because of its high purity, can be considered a gold bullion coin. In addition there are a number of European gold coins similar to the American Double Eagles that circulated in the USA until 1933. These include the French Napoleon, the Swiss Vreneli, and Russian Chervonets.

Although the British and Austrian mints may stand behind their products, dealing with them across continents can be tiresome and costly, with some dealers charging much higher rates and commissions on deals. Certified European gold bullion coins obtained through a reputable North American gold exchange will offer excellent liquidity, accurate pricing and often lower costs than if the investor deals with the mints or sellers in Europe.

For those interested in collectable European coins, it is wise to deal with a professional gold exchange as well. A local gold exchange can see that the coins are certified for authenticity, rarity, and state of preservation, giving a fair idea of their market value.

Investors who are looking to diversify their holdings will frequently look to purchase European gold bullion. Working with an American exchange can simplify the process and leave the investor with more “coin” in his or her pocket, thanks to competitive fees and commissions

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