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Daily Gold Bullion Update

December 14, 2009 – Gold bullion prices rose slightly this morning after a large drop-off last week. Economists disagree over what direction gold prices will move in 2010, although they do agree on the factors that determine gold price fluctuation.

Most mainstream market analysts believe that the gold spot price will fluctuate based largely on the performance of US financial markets. Gold tends to rise when stocks, bonds, and cash accounts wither, because investors seek alternative means to store and grow their wealth.

Gold prices also rise when the dollar falls, as do other commodities that are priced in dollars. Many household and institutional investors, as well as nations like India and China, have flocked to gold in order to take advantage of a weakening US currency.

Gold analysts believe that gold could follow a historical pattern of gaining value as federal interest rates rise, because the 1970s saw gold prices rise to record highs in line with interest rates that hit double digits. Ben Bernanke and the rest of the folks at the Federal Reserve have maintained interest rates near zero for an excessively long period of time, and economists believe that the Fed’s key lending rate will start to creep up steadily beginning in 2010. If inflation is the result of the Fed’s string of radical monetary moves since the current recession started, gold prices and safe-haven demand would be driven upward.

What will happen to our economy next year remains to be seen, and some analysts believe that our government has found a viable solution to our nation’s economic problems through government stimuli and assistance for big business.

However, the measures taken so far have only provided mild relief from the burning financial pain of this recession, so many investors haven taken their financial future into their own hands by shifting from dollar-backed assets and into gold. If you believe that the United States is not out of the dark yet, contact for helpful investment information or request the same award-winning information below. 

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