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Daily Gold Bullion Update

December 15, 2009 - Gold bullion coins have become more popular in 2009 than ever before, and they have achieved this popularity by posting a 450% gain since 2001. That figure could grow in 2010 if our mainstream financial markets decline further, as many economists have predicted they will. Our contracting economy has disintegrated the hard-earned wealth of many American investors in the last few years, although gold bullion and certified gold have proven to be a safe way to store wealth for millions of resourceful and savvy individuals.

The majority of gold and silver bullion investors seek profits that could be rendered within 14 months of purchase, and gold bullion coins are an excellent vehicle to use in implementing that particular strategy. If utilized correctly, gold bullion coins could profit significantly during these troubling economic times. Investors who seek a short-term position in the gold market may do well with gold bullion, although it is wise to thoroughly evaluate your investment goals before making any purchase, because gold bullion is a confiscatable item as deemed by US law. Visit to learn more about the historic gold confiscation, or contact directly for answers to your questions about this aspect of the gold market.

Speak with a gold market expert to make sure that you are making the best choice for your specific situation and worldview. By using introspection in your gold investing, you can avoid the fate of others who wasted their hard-earned money on the incorrect type of gold.

Investors who decide that gold bullion coins are a good fit appreciate the wide variety of pieces that are available. The American gold Eagle and the gold South African Krugerrand are two of the most popular 22-karat coins, and investors who seek higher purity typically invest in 24-karat (0.999 fine gold) coins, like the Austrian gold Philharmonic and the Canadian gold Maple Leaf.

Both purity levels contain the same amount of gold, so the sole difference is that 22-karat coins contain slightly more alloy to produce a harder coin. Contact today, or browse our helpful investment tutorials below to learn more about opportunities in the gold coin market. 

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