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December 1, 2009 – Many Americans have undertaken gold bullion investing since 2001, and this trend has intensified since our recession began three years ago. Gold bullion investing should not be viewed as a chore or a task, because it is very simple to accomplish as long as you are dealing with a reputable gold exchange.

Some investors decide to shift their funds into gold bullion bars, and this is the most affordable way to purchase a physical gold investment. Many companies manufacture gold bullion bars, but the products that investors prefer to utilize are produced by:

• Johnson-Matthey

• PAMP-Suisse

• Credit-Suisse

• Engelhard

These companies have a long-standing tradition of producing the highest quality, highest purity bars, and these bars are stamped with serial numbers and individually assayed. Gold bullion bars trade 2-4% above the live gold spot price on most major exchanges, but you can sometimes take advantage of institutional discounts by contacting directly through email or through our toll-free number.

Gold bullion coins are another way to conduct gold bullion investing, and there are many different types of gold bullion coins available in today’s gold market. The US Mint, the Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and other coin producing entities offer bullion coins to investors, and these items also trade close to the gold bullion spot price. Gold bullion coins usually carry a premium of 4-7% over the COMEX gold spot price.

Many gold bullion bars and coins are permitted within IRAs as well, so contact us directly if gold bullion investing is something you would like to do within or outside of your retirement accounts. The friendly specialists at are more than happy to get some customized information on the gold market in your hands today, so contact us now through our secure email server or simply call us directly. 

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