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November 20, 2009 – Gold bullion price fluctuations occur in line with the roving gold spot price. The active gold spot price is controlled by the Commodities Exchange (COMEX) division of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). Investors who want to track the gold spot price can do so in the daily newspaper, at or at

Gold bullion prices move in accordance with the gold spot price, because gold bullion items are traded at premiums that are based on the active COMEX spot price. If you decide to buy or sell gold bullion, your price will be based upon the live spot price at that time.

Gold bullion bars are usually the most affordable way to purchase physical gold bullion, and bullion bars range from 2.5-4% over the gold bullion spot price. Gold bullion coins are another popular way to purchase gold bullion, and gold bullion coins vary from 4.5-14% over the active gold spot price. Make sure that you take possession of your investment if possible, because physical gold can act as a private and liquid back-up plan in a financial emergency.

Investors typically try to buy in a “valley” and sell on a “peak”, but it is important to remember that gold bullion is mainly for short-term (1-14 months) investing. Investors who possess their gold for a longer period of time have done better financially with historic gold coins, because these coins tend to gain numismatic value over time, in addition to their precious metal content. Historic gold coins like the US-minted $20 Saint Gaudens have outperformed gold bullion over the last decade, and many of these coins are still 200-400% below their historic highs. To learn more about historic coin or gold bullion price fluctuations, register for our free gold investment tutorial or call our toll-free number now. 

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