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November 23, 2009 – Many new gold bullion projections have manifested themselves in the last month, in part because most economists’ recent projections for the end of the year have already been eclipsed. Many of our nation’s gold analysts predicted that the gold spot price could reach $1100 before the end of the year.

Technical analysts for JP Morgan mentioned in a note to clients two months ago that a gold spot price of $1050-$1100 was a reasonable range for the end of 2009. This projection came after an August call for $950 spot prices at the end of this year. JP Morgan’s next call remains to be made, but their then-bullish projection now seems bearish to investors who find those predictions archived online.

JP Morgan isn’t the only company that has promoted gold as a way to offset losses during our current recession. Walter Murphy is the top technical analyst for Merrill Lynch, and he said recently that gold was “the buy of a generation.” Murphy believes that our government has no choice but to devalue the dollar to make it easier to pay down our nation’s burgeoning debt, and he has stated that consumers could “flock to gold” in the coming years.

Mainstream US economists believe that the gold spot price could reach $1400-$1600 in 2010, so investors who would like to profit quickly might consider a short-term gold bullion investment. Investors who would like to own their gold for years, or perhaps decades, might find that certified gold coins are more apt. Certified gold coins are projected to rise with the spot price of gold, and many of these coins are 200-400% below their historical highs, while the gold spot price is just $6.80 under its’ record-high. Contact us directly if you need more information on these various types of gold, or if you are ready to protect your assets with a debt-free, privately held gold investment. 

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