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Buy gold bullion now and you’ll have something to crow about.

February 25, 2011 – A perfect storm is gathering from which gold bullion investments might well provide the only shelter.

Gold bullion is a well-proven haven from inflation, currency collapse, and social/political upheaval, all of which are now brewing at the same time. Around the world excess liquidity in the dollar, which is the global reserve currency, is fueling inflation. Calls to replace the dollar are growing louder and more urgent daily. And the turmoil in the Middle East has put a big chunk of the world’s oil production at risk and threatens the underpinnings of global economic stability.

Understandably, investor risk aversion is driving them away from traditional investments and it handed Wall Street its worst single-day decline since late last summer. No so understandable is why they are seeking haven in the traditional manner: investing in the dollar and hedging that with gold. It seems to me they got things backwards.

The dollar’s decline is inevitable and has been delayed only for lack of an alternative. But the IMF and World Bank are in overdrive seeking a more stable substitute. How the stigma against gold can persist in today’s economic climate a bit of a puzzle. I suspect that it’s because gold bullion investing is just too simple a concept for big investors’ highly sophisticated minds. Eventually, however, they will have to choose between ditching all of their complex junk in favor of gold and wallowing in a mountain of worthless bucks.

Individual investors however, have the gift of common sense. They are all too aware of the dollar’s shrinking value and they are questioning the incessant propaganda from the government and Wall Street more each day.

Understanding that the price of gold bullion could climb 500% without hitting the ceiling presents us with a rare opportunity to be the ones crowing when the big boys come home to roost.

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