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Investing in gold bullion today is opportunity at its absolute best.

July 20, 2011 – Gold bullion prices are heating up, and will soon reach the boiling point. But despite the unmistakable signs all around them, individual investors are still holding back from gold bullion investment.

Historically that has been the pattern, a phenomenon well known to insiders that has caused individual investors to be labeled “dumb money.” But household investors aren’t dumb, they only lack the confidence to follow their instincts. So they wait to see what everybody else is doing before they act.

When we were children most of us tried at least once to wriggle out of a situation by telling our parents “But all the kids are doing it!” And invariably the response was something like “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?” The logic still applies today.

The mob mentality drives individuals to storm the markets in huge numbers at exactly the wrong times. They rush in to buy at the tail end of upsides and to sell as the downsides bottom out. And they do it without fail, over and over again.

For anyone who chooses not to follow the crowd, that represents a huge signal to trade. Right now the price of gold bullion is admittedly quite high, but reason dictates that it should in fact rise much, much higher. So what is holding it back? For one thing the mob has not yet turned.

Investing in gold bullion today is opportunity at its absolute best. The fundamentals add more upward pressure on the price every day and will continue driving it upward into the foreseeable future. But someday the mob will turn and a bubble is bound to form. The aggregate of individual investments is an enormous force, and when it is let loose on the gold market prices will soar to unthinkable highs.

Those who buy gold bullion today are almost certain to be faced with an enviable decision down the road. They could sell off their gold bullion investment at enormous profit or keep holding onto it as the ultimate store of wealth.

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