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November 5, 2009 – The gold spot price has shown tremendous movement this week, and its’ run to the brink of $1100 has influenced many investors to increase their gold holdings. Regardless as to whether our nation’s future holds inflation, deflation, or stagflation, investors still know that the safe-haven status of physical gold is constant.

Investors have purchased gold bullion bars and coins in record numbers this week, perhaps because of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) sale of 200 tons of gold to the central bank of India. This amount represents half of the gold that the IMF plans to sell, and many economists believe that the remaining gold will go to China, and other gold-seeking nations. When the IMF announced their plans to sell 400 tons of gold a few months ago, many investors anticipated lower gold prices if they waited for the gold to hit the open market. To the contrary, it appears that the international community will have first dibs on the gold, and US household investors will have to hustle to effectively hedge their portfolios.

Gold bullion bars and coins have increased over 46% within the last 365 days, and the gold spot price has reached never-before-seen heights repeatedly during the last month. Despite the bullish rally of the gold price, profit-taking has been minimal. This is a sign that investors are more concerned with preserving their wealth with gold than they are with scoring some quick profits and cashing out. Investors who want to purchase and/or sell gold bullion bars and coins are encouraged to contact or contact www.Gold-Bullion,.org directly at 800-300-0715. 

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