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Invest in gold bullion before big money regains its senses.

March 21, 2011 – Nobody wants to profit from disaster, but buying gold bullion when big money panics is just plain smart.

There is no way to overplay the significance of events in Japan. The world’s third largest economy is reeling from unprecedented catastrophe with the potential of becoming the worst nuclear disaster ever imagined. After decades of struggling to keep their economy viable while piling up debt double their GDP, the Japanese are left with little alternative but to repatriate their foreign investments.

That means the second largest buyer of US debt may soon withdraw from the market, quite possibly just when the Treasury is set to do likewise, resulting in “higher yields, a weaker dollar and, overall, a more-difficult funding environment for the heavily indebted U.S. government,” said Javier E. David in a Dow Jones Newswire. And yet Treasuries have risen.

The disaster understandably creates a problem for equities as investors seek harbor to wait out the storm. But it makes little sense to abandon oil when the demand is certain to surge as Japan is forced to replace nuclear output in the medium-term.

Most perplexing of all, investors have turned from gold to currency for safe haven. That the Swiss franc has risen to record levels against the dollar certainly makes sense, but so has the yen. And the euro and British pound have slid.

There can be no more clear-cut signs of a market driven by emotion than these. Whenever some unexpected thing of these proportions hits, and there is no historical precedent by which to react, all of the models break down. Lacking common sense, the wizards are helpless.

Gold bullion always has - and forever will - prevail through the worst of times. If you invest in gold bullion now, while big money panics, you will profit handsomely when they regain their senses.

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