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Daily Gold Bullion Update

May 8, 2009 – Gold bullion investments are increasing in value today as wise American investors are beginning to protect their hard-earned wealth and long-term security by diversifying into safe haven precious metals before it’s too late. Gold bullion investments typically refer to investing in bullion bars and coins. The most popular bullion bars are the Pamp Suisse and Johnson Matthey, while the most popular coins are the American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and South African Krugerrands. Historically, gold acts as a hedge from inflation and it could also be a worthy profit-taking vehicle if the investor purchases low and sells high. Inflation and negative economic sentiment have been causing more and more wise investors to begin seeking the aid of precious metals during this worsening economic cycle that only appears to be getting worse by the day.

By around 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold bullion investments are showing very minor gains for the day that is occurring due to a small tug-of-war between technical buyers and sellers, still the metal is trading at $911.40 per ounce, jumping up $1.40 today and also jumping up $31.20 in the last 30 days. End of the year projections are being released yet again, and one coming from Globlex Securities said that the spot price could rise to $1100 per ounce before 2010. It’s important that investors understand that the only way that this could occur would be if significant amounts of American investors lost faith in the dollar and stock markets, thus they could make a massive shift into safe haven metals.

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