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March 6, 2009 – The gold bullion spot price is climbing for the second day in a row and begins to make up losses that it made earlier in the week as safe haven investment demand rises due to increased concern that the global recession is deepening. Investors around the nation witnessed the Dow Jones Industrial Average slide 4.1% yesterday, which brings it to an accumulated 20% loss for the year while the gold bullion spot price has increased about 6.5%. It’s clear to see that equities are increasingly dangerous at the moment and as more and more investors become concerned about the possible inflation that could occur in the near future, precious metals could be the investment choice to wise investors who want to preserve and profit from this difficult economic time. The majority of Americans do not understand how bad this problem really is, but hopefully they become fully aware and begin preparing themselves for more difficult times to come.

The gold bullion spot price is currently at around $938.70 per ounce, up $6.30 or .68% for the day and also up $32.80 or 3.62% for the month. Short-term projections for the metal have said that United States investors will continue their safe haven buying and that the spot price at the end of the year could be around $1200 per ounce. There is certainly a lot of expectation for gold at the moment, so let’s invest well and see where the year will take us with these historically profitable and preservative investments.

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