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Oil prices are going up with gas prices to follow. The government has spent unheard of amounts of money to bail out financial institutions and stimulate the economy. Despite the government’s efforts, unemployment is still high. Inflation, with steady devaluation of the United State dollar, is a continual concern as the nation struggles with the worst economic circumstances since the Great Depression. A healthy response to this economic mess is to invest in American Gold Bullion. Gold bullion holds its value against inflation and is a time honored refuge in times of war and economic collapse.

American gold bullion is produced by the US mint as American Eagles, the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagles, and the American Buffalo. The 2009 Ultra High Relief coin is based on the original Saint Gaudens’ design, and the .9999 fine gold American Buffalo gold coins are based upon the design of the buffalo nickel. Each of these is a one ounce American Gold Bullion coin.

American gold bullion bars are produced by Johnson Matthey. This company makes gold bullion bars in one ounce, ten ounce, and one kilogram sizes. The gold is mined and refined in North America.

Another source of American gold bullion is from commemorative gold bullion coins produced by the United States Mint. These coins can be bought and held as gold bullion and occasionally have collector value but may be hard to find. The American Eagle, American Buffalo, and selected minting of gold bullion coins like the Saint Gaudens design are produced in quantity. These are not collector coins but very portable means of holding gold bullion when the dollar is in question and the economy frail. 

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