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Gold bullion prices fluctuate daily and are dependent on the daily market spot price for the metal. The daily market spot price is the cost of raw gold without any product premiums added on top of it. The reason we see fluctuation in the gold bullion prices every day is because precious metal markets are moved by supply and demand for that particular metal on that particular day. The price you end up paying for your bars or coins can also vary depending on the dealer or exchange you invest with, and it is important to know that the reputation and integrity of the company plays a big role when they set their prices. Because of this, it's important to find a company that strives to give you the best pricing while at the same time remaining honest about the benefits and risks of your investment. Below we have listed the most important determining factors that can affect the price you pay when dealing with an exchange or dealer:

1.Spot Price = Fluctuates daily depending on supply and demand.

2.Bid And Ask Price = This is the amount the company pays for the metal and sells it at any given time.

3.Government Premium = All bullion products carry a premium issued by the government for mining and refining costs.

4.Endorsements = Companies that promote their products through radio or television advertisements usually have higher pricing due to promotional fees.

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