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Finding Relief From The Storm With A Gold Bullion IRA:
The Government permits you to hold gold coins inside your IRA as a "gold bullion IRA." A bullion IRA could be a wise investment decision because investors may offset losses from owning paper assets due to market destabilization. This could be an ideal time to transfer an IRA or inactive 401k into metals. In 2008, traditional investments have devalued by more than two and a half trillion dollars. These losses came directly from Unites States retirement account holders and 2010 is looking bleaker every day.

Gold IRA Custodians
The United States Government allows both Sterling Trust Company and GoldStar Trust Company with the right to serve as custodian of your bullion IRA. We have worked for many years with both Sterling Trust and GoldStar Trust. is authorized to guide you in opening an account with either custodian company. Their contact and About Us information is listed in the image below:

Sterling Trust Company
P.O.Box 2526
Waco, TX 76702
GoldStar Trust Company
1401 4th Avenue
Canyon, Texas 79015

Gold Bullion IRA

How To Setup A Gold Bullion IRA
After you speak with one of our retirement specialist and "green light" the start of the process we will send the appropriate documents to initiate your transfer. Then it's just a matter of following these procedures below to complete the transfer:
To set up a gold-bullion backed IRA we will walk you through these procedures:
1. Send Individual Retirement Account paperwork that grants your current retirement custodian the ability to transfer all or a portion of your funds to a Sterling Trust Company or GoldStar Trust Company custodian.
2. Once the funds have been transferred from your current custodian to your new custodian, A representative will call you and give you a selection of precious metal products to put into your new IRA.

Which Precious Metals Products Do We Deal With?
-All /COMEX/NYMEX approved gold bars
-All /COMEX/NYMEX approved silver bars
-All COMEX/NYMEX approved platinum bars
-Gold Eagle Coins
-Gold Buffalo Coins
-Gold Philharmonic Coins
-Gold Maple Leaf Coins
For a complete list of products, please call our friendly specialists.

How Do I Begin?
When you are ready to transfer your IRA, or if you would like to ask some questions, simply call our Retirement Department at 1-800-300-0715. Our Retirement Specialists will guide you through any necessary paperwork and ensure that the process of putting pure gold bullion in your IRA is quick and easy.

To request more information on precious metal IRA's, please click here.

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