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November 2, 2009 – The best gold bullion dealers within the United States have continued to thrive during our recession, and the large number of investors who continue to loyally trade with these firms is the main reason that these companies are still in business. Although the vast majority of today’s investors are opting for certified gold coins because of their long-term wealth preservation capabilities, some investors are still willing to buy and sell gold bullion in short-term and usually large-volume increments. Investors should be aware that gold bullion has its advantages and disadvantages, which are listed below.


• Liquid in over 120 countries

• Private storage permitted and provided

• Low premium just above the current gold spot price

• Consistent upward trend since 2001


• Confiscatable by US government

• The gold spot price can become dormant for months at a time

• Bullion is unadvisable for US investors who want to hold longer than 14 months

• Bullion prices are already near record highs, leaving some economists to project significant pullbacks in coming months if the gold spot price has, in fact, maxed out for the current cycle

The best gold bullion dealers in the United States will advise potential investors of these pros and cons, but investors who are new to the gold market may like to check out the valuable information at before choosing a product or a dealer. There are a plethora of gold bullion investments available, but not all of these items are advisable for US investors. Contact a local gold dealer today, or call us at 800-300-0715 for helpful and professional assistance. 

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