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November 12, 2009 – Investors who buy gold bullion may be on the right track, because recent indicators show that our economy may be ready for a substantial relapse. Many US companies have been forced to cut back on their expenditures to minimize losses, and some impressive gains have resulted during the last three months. However, many investors have expressed anxiety that their portfolios may never revisit pre-2007 levels. Compared to six months ago things are great, but compared to 2007 things are still shockingly bad. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) showed some life last month, but it has recently started descending from 10,000. Stock investors realize that their portfolios require proper diversification, and some of these investors buy gold bullion as their privately-held back up plan.

A growing number of US investors have decided to buy gold bullion in response to our nation’s worsening economy, so the strong upward trend that began in 2001 has brought the gold spot price to a new record of $1119. Investors flocked in record numbers to buy gold bullion and certified gold coins in the last two months, and the gold spot price has surged to keep up with demand. In addition to the increased demand for physical gold and other safe-haven assets, the weakening dollar has played its part in the escalated gold spot price. The rising gold spot price directly affects gold bullion prices, since most bullion prices are based on a dollar or percentage-based premium over the active gold spot price. If you require more information on gold and/or silver bullion, pick up your free copy of our Insider’s Guide To Buying Gold Bullion. 

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