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Nothing’s going to get better except gold bullion investment.

January 26, 2011 – From what I heard President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan say last night buying gold bullion is the smartest move we can make this year. All we got were lofty goals that will take decades to reach when what we need is a lifeline thrown to us right now before we go over the falls.

If Obama has his way we will see more of the same recovery policy that has worked so well so far. With interest rates kept ridiculously low we can expect more and more Americas will get suckered back into the stock market and more of our purchasing power to be eroded. In an effort to boost exports the dollar will continue declining. And growth will remain elusive.

If Ryan has his way, we will see ill-conceived spending cuts and more of the “trickle down” tactics that help get us into this mess. I agree whole-heartedly that we have way too much government, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can Washington be taken apart in a day.

Of course, what we will probably get is another stalemate. I don’t expect any real change when it comes to the parties pushing their agendas. No matter how you dress them up they are still politicians who have their own best interests in mind.

If they really want to address the problems I suggest they start with the States that are ready to implode. And start giving us the whole truth for once. If we know the real nature of a situation and the threat it poses to our way of life, and if we can believe in our leaders, then you can bet Americans will rally around the cause and do what it takes to come out winners.

For now we are left to fend for ourselves, and the best way to start is with gold bullion investment.

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