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Canadian Gold Bullion

The world’s purest gold bullion coins come from the Royal Canadian Mint. Canadian gold bullion coins were first produced in 1979 at 99.9 percent purity. In 1982 the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the Canadian gold bullion coin, was produced at 99.99 percent purity only to be matched, later on, by the Austrian Philharmonic and the American Buffalo gold bullion coins. Since the coin’s inception, over 20 million ounces of Canadian Gold Maple Leafs have been sold.

Not to be matched, much less outdone, by competitors the Royal Canadian Mint now produces smaller batches of Canadian gold bullion coins of exceptional purity, 99.999 percent. This is the purest gold bullion coin in the world. For the investor looking for the absolute standard in gold bullion purity, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the special edition, .99999 pure Gold Maple Leafs are the answer.

The United States economic picture remains difficult and a troubling amount of debt will be passed on to the country’s children and grandchildren. Investing in gold has protected family wealth throughout history, and wise investors today follow the age old practice of buying gold to counter inflation and to profit from the metal’s upward climb.

For the purest gold bullion, investors need only look to Canada for the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is made entirely from gold mined in Canada and its gold content is guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint. Canadian gold bullion can be purchased and sold through reputable gold trading platforms such as

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