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The price of gold bullion has risen substantially over the first decade of the 21st century as the United States economy has failed to keep up with worldwide competition. Borrowing internationally to support consumption at home has helped drive to dollar to new lows. Many have taken refuge in foreign investments to preserve their wealth; however, foreign investments can be confiscated or nationalized. Owning gold bullion protects against risk at home and risk abroad. A unique bullion investment is Engelhard gold bullion.

Gold bullion sells for the spot price of gold. However, there are unique forms of gold bullion that may sell at a premium. One of these is Engelhard gold bullion. At the beginning of the 20th century Engelhard was the world’s largest refiner of precious metals. The company was bought out by BASF in 2006 and its divisions renamed.

Engelhard Australia produced standard gold bullion bars stamped Engelhard Australia plus the assay mark. However, one could request special orders with different designs for a premium. Many Engelhard gold bullion bars are still available and sell above gold bullion prices as collector’s items.

The standard Engelhard “button sized” one ounce gold bullion bar is square, is stamped Engelhard and Australia with an “E” stamped over a globe on the front and .9999 Fine 1 Oz. Troy on the back. A popular bar design from Engelhard is the “Rothschild” gold bar which sells at a premium over the price of gold bullion, when it can be found.

In these tough economic times, gold bullion is a safe refuge and a means of increasing wealth. Collectable gold bars may well outperform bullion over the years. Experts such as the professionals at can offer unique investment opportunities such as Engelhard gold bullion. 

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