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Stop being Wall Streets dumb money – invest in gold bullion.

January 24, 2011 – Individual investors are wising up to Wall Street and switching their money from the rigged game over to gold bullion. The professional traders who have “loaded up on U.S. equities with cheap cash pumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve” are having a hard time finding pigeons to dump their overvalued stocks on, says The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig. “Perhaps the so-called smart money shouldn't be too smug in assuming that small investors are ready to play the patsy again anytime soon.”

That would explain all the fanfare over the “great news” that in the second week of 2011 individuals poured a whopping $3.8 billion into mutual funds. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Actually that’s only 55% of the amount for the same period in the last two years and it represents a mere 0.09% of the funds’ total assets. Furthermore, January typically accounts for 72% of the year’s total investments and that $3.8 billion replaces only 11% of what was pulled out of the market last year.

That puts the professional traders in quite a pickle. After driving the market up nearly 100% all signs are that it is critically overheating and the smart money is still holding the bag. “It could be a long slog, again, before today's small investors forgive the market for the pain it inflicted on them,” says Zweig.

That hasn’t stopped the government from trying, however. Hardly a day goes by that Washington doesn’t try to hornswoggle us back into equities. Apparently they don’t believe the folks they’re in cahoots with have enough of our money yet. If we don’t buy from the trader pros, then who will? “That question should worry bulls and bears alike.”

Too bad – we just don’t care. There’s a far better place to put our money where the game isn’t rigged – gold bullion.

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