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During the financial headaches of the last decade, gold bullion was a secure refuge from a crashing stock market and the collapse of a housing bubble. Gold bullion quadrupled in value in the last ten years. After last year’s partial recovery, the stock market appears headed for a large correction with PE ratios way out of line with past and projected earnings. That brings us back to gold and the various means of gold investment such as a gold bullion IRA. A gold bullion IRA combines the potential of gold with the IRA’s protection from capital gains taxes.

IRA’s have been around for many years. The benefits of a traditional IRA are that contributions are tax deferred, along with IRA earnings, until retirement. A newer species of IRA, the Roth IRA, does not have the advantage of tax deferred contributions but does allow assets in the IRA to grow tax free and to be withdrawn tax free after a “seasoning period” which is typically five years.

A new opportunity for gold investors is a Gold IRA. Investors can buy and store gold in an IRA, gaining the tax advantages previously only available to other investments. For setting up a gold bullion IRA, it is wise to talk with a professional gold exchange representative. The staff at can help educate investors and direct them to professionals in the field of gold bullion IRA’s. The security of gold and the tax advantages of an IRA can be a potent combination for security and growth of wealth in these troubled times. 

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