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November 24, 2009 – Gold and silver bullion prices have risen dramatically during the last month, due exclusively to the rising spot prices that these products are based upon. While the 11% gains that these metals have made in the last 30 days may not be reasonable every month, the Business Times has reported that the global head of commodity research for Standard Chartered believes that we could see gold increase by 12-15% in 2010. Helen Henton believes that gold could eclipse the $1300 per ounce mark next year, and that number could be higher if the US dollar’s slide continues.

Precious metal spot prices are available at and, and most major exchanges provide investors with gold and silver bullion at small premiums above current Commodities Exchange (COMEX) values.

Gold and silver bullion is available in bar and coin form, and bullion is available in and from many different nations. US investors who prefer to buy gold bullion usually do so as a short-term investment, because longer-term, investors are often drawn to the certified coin market. To learn more about certified gold and silver coins, email or call us today for your free copy of our 2010 Insider’s Guide To Gold And Silver Investing.

Investors purchase Credit-Suisse, and Engelhard bullion bars because these items carry very low premiums over the current spot price. The “break even” point can be surpassed quickly if spot prices continue to rise as they have recently. Bullion coins are slightly more expensive, but some investors prefer to purchase coins like the American Eagles and the Canadian Maple Leafs because they are legal tender in those nations, and investors can retrieve some of the premium paid on the back end.

Now that you are knowledgeable about the gold and silver bullion market, you may contact us electronically or give us a call at our toll-free number. We can provide you with free mail-out reports on the gold and silver markets or help you strengthen your position in silver and gold. 

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