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Gold Bullion Values

Gold bullion prices are set twice daily at the London gold fixing. Gold bullion values are something else, something more. These are hard economic times; there are individuals who have seen the savings of a lifetime evaporate in the stock market or in the collapse of the housing bubble. There are people who have put their savings into the bank only to see the steady erosion the dollar’s buying power reduce or negate the interest they earned. On top of that, these people have paid taxes on bank interest even though the interest was insufficient to keep up with the steady erosion of the dollar’s value.

Gold bullion values include more than the rising price of gold. Gold bullion values include security and promise. There is a value of security and reassurance in diversifying part of a portfolio of investments into gold bullion against the potential of more severe economic chaos. There is the value of holding an investment such as gold bullion, which quadrupled in value in the first decade of the century.

The nation’s economy did not end up in its current sorry state by accident. The level of mismanagement on many fronts was phenomenal. The price the nation will pay for the bailouts of last year is a terrible shame and burden on the children and grandchildren of the nation. The potential promise of gold bullion is to maintain wealth in the face of economic chaos and steady devaluation of the dollar.

Gold bullion values include the price of gold, and but also has the inherent value to provide the ability to sleep at night, trusting that the value of personally held gold will not evaporate in a flash as did the assets of some recently closed hedge funds

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