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Gold and Silver Bullion

Gold and silver bullion performed well in the last ten years; both precious metals stool up well to the devaluation of the dollar and the tribulations of the American economy. Although gold is most typically thought of as the best hedge against inflation and insurance against loss of wealth in an economic collapse, both gold and silver bullion satisfy this need.

Gold bullion roughly doubled between 2000 and the start of 2010 and silver bullion went up roughly three and a half fold. Both metals jumped up on the COMEX futures market just last week. A disappointing jobs report led gold and silver traders to believe that the Federal Reserve would not raise interest rates for fear of choking off the fledgling economic recovery. Lower interest rates tend to make the dollar less attractive and raise the relative values of gold and silver bullion.

Since the 1933 confiscation, the United States has not minted gold coins for legal tender and in; the US Mint reduced silver content of silver coins to 18.89 percent. The only sources of gold and silver are rare gold coins and bullion in the form of coins and bars. Reputable companies such as Johnson Matthey produce bars of both metals starting at one ounce. Another favorite for silver and gold bars is Engelhard. This company was bought out in the 1980’s by BASF and its divisions renamed; however, Engelhard bullion products can be purchased through professional gold and silver exchanges such as

As the world economy continues in the doldrums, gold and silver continue to be means of protecting and growing wealth during difficult times. This security can be found either in rare coins or in gold and silver bullion. 

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