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November 16, 2009 – Gold bullion dealers across the United States, not only, have witnessed an unprecedented migration of investors who require gold for their portfolios. Some of these investors are seeking quick profits, while others are searching for long-term security. Regardless of the reason that these investors want to own and hold physical gold, there is no doubt that the increased demand has played a vital role in the gold spot price’s escalation above $1100.

Gold bullion dealers who provide the nation with precious metal products vary in their reputation, prices, and service. Reputation is important when making a gold investment because you must ensure that you are dealing with a reliable company that can service you now and in the future. If a company cannot meet your immediate expectations, what makes you think that the company would attempt to do so in the future?

A company’s prices are also an important part of your entry into the gold market. Be aware that there is not one standard way to purchase gold bullion. Gold bars are the least expensive way to own a physical gold investment, and these bars have a fair markup of 2-5% over the live gold spot price that is found at and

Gold bullion coins are available from reputable dealers as well as national mints, and these investments are slightly more expensive than gold bars. Bullion coin premiums range from 5-9% over the gold spot price, depending on the particular year and type of coin. Reputable gold bullion dealers will inform you of their recommendation only after listening and understanding your current financial situation and what goals you have for your gold investment. Contact us today for more information on gold bullion items that are eligible for free delivery to our clients within the United States. 

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