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Find Out Why Gold Bullion Could Be A Good Option During The Current Jobs Downturn

4 February 2010 – In another indictment of the economic policies of the Obama administration, unemployment figures defied analysts’ expectations and rose in January to 10.1%. Jobless claims were expected to dip to 460,000 for the week, yet instead rose to 480,000. This marked the fourth time in five weeks that the number rose, signifying continued weakness in the jobs market and a failure of the multi-billion dollar jobs stimulus to move the economic recovery forward.

News such as a jobs downturn has important implications for gold bullion investment. Gold prices have increased 1,600% over the past forty years and 300% in the past ten. One of the lessons that can be learned from this history is that gold bullion has been an excellent investment, especially during difficult times. Because it is not tied to either the economy or the US dollar, it is free to rise even when unemployment is high or the value of the dollar is weak.

For many investors, a combination of bullion and certified gold coins is a perfect way to add gold to their holdings. Bullion is viewed by many as a short-term investment, while certified coins have performed well as a long-term option. Together they provide investors with a combination that has liquidity and solid growth potential, as well a tangible asset for economic crisis.

While no citizens relish bad news for their country, such news can be beneficial to investors holding gold bullion. Conditions are favorable for continued growth in the gold market as problems in the economy and a growing national debt make this metal a strong alternative. 

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