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Gold Bullion Investment

November 01, 2010 – Despite dire warnings from many so-called economic experts, the bull market in gold bullion can hardly be called a bubble. To the contrary, the future for gold bullion investment is exceptionally promising.

Traditional investments are structured on currency, which in today’s world is fiat money without the backing of any hard asset. That model was for the most part successful over the past century and created a mindset among big investors that only a miniscule portion of their funds should be in precious metals. But old models are proving useless in the new order of global economics.

Individual investors who have followed expert advice to have a strong gold bullion investment – up to 30% of their total portfolio – have been rewarded with strong returns even as traditional portfolios have suffered severe losses. Interestingly, those results have been achieved in a market driven primarily by individual investors. However, a few forward thinking major fund managers have seen limitless opportunity in their success.

Shayne McGuire, who manages a $330 million all gold portfolio for the behemoth $100 billion Texas Retirement system, is one such visionary. He foresees continued instability in global currencies leading to inflation and uncertainty in traditional investments, which in turn will force stronger gold positions in major funds. According to his calculations gold would climb to $10,000 if just 1% of global investment in stocks and bonds were converted to gold.

Admittedly that great a shift is unlikely for the time being, but only a far smaller increment is needed to generate enormous demand and completely redefine the dynamics of the gold bullion market. As the big players propel an already surging bull market to historic levels, individual investors in gold bullion can sit back and enjoy the ride.

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