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Gold Bullion Scam Targets Shopper in California

March 24, 2010 - The current Gold rush has been rewarding for investors, but it has also produced its fair share of Scammers looking to take advantage of the unsuspecting buyer. A woman in Sacramento California has been the latest victim of swindlers according to Sacramento Police, when she attempted to purchase Gold Bullion and help a family in need.

The lady bought an item that she thought was a bar of gold from scammers who approached her in Sacramento's Natomas neighborhood, according to police. But the Gold bar turned out to be anything but real Gold Bullion.

Sgt. Norm Leong said on Thursday, the victim was shopping in the 3600 block of Truxel Road when a female Hispanic, who spoke to her in Spanish, approached her.

The victim was told a convincing story of how the suspect was from Mexico and that her relative was very sick and needed money for hospital bills. After a brief conversation a Hispanic male then came up and offered the victim a Gold Bar, the only thing he owned of value the suspect claimed, at a reduced price in exchange for helping his family out in its time of trouble. The victim agreed, then withdrew money from her bank.

A little time later the lady took her Gold Bullion to a local jewelry store to have its value assed, only to find out that what she had purchased was not Gold after all. In the heat of today’s Gold Rush and escalating Fold prices, consumers are looking for discount prices. It is prudent to only purchase Gold Bullion from a reputable source. If you feel you must take advantage of the so called “deal of a life time” have you intended Gold Bullion appraised prior to purchase.

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