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December 8, 2009 - Safe haven demand has increased every month since our recession began three years ago, and the US dollar’s recent rally has been called a “complete anomaly”, “a simple farce”, and even “a temporary boost provided only because of our government’s Ponzi scheme-like stimulus” by economists. To learn more about the inverse relationship between gold and US currency, click here for your copy of the 2010 Insider’s Guide to Gold Investing.

US investors are anxious to see what fate eventually befalls the US dollar, and the latest news looks bad for anyone who can decipher government propaganda. According to Laura Tyson, an adviser to our President, our government may attempt to execute a second financial stimulus, which is shocking to many conservative investors who have seen how much money our government has lost with the first financial package.

Investors and market analysts fear that excessive overspending could bring on a hyperinflationary cycle down the road, especially one the Federal Reserve starts to raise the key lending rate. If the dollar were to begin another slide as it has done steadily for months, the gold bullion spot price could begin its’ climb to $1400, which is what many analysts expect the gold spot price to reach in 2010.

At 5pm EST, the gold bullion spot price listed at was $1063, and the yellow metal has risen 5.58% in the last 30 days. To track gold prices on your own or to learn more about the gold market, register below for our 2010 Insider’s Guide to Understanding the Gold Bullion Spot Price

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