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In the matchup between gold bullion vs. the dollar, there can only be one winner. Gold bullion prices historically move in the opposite direction of the US dollar index, so one will surely stand tall when the other falls. No investment moves in a straight line, and gold and the dollar have fluctuated in a volatile manner over the last 80 years.

In the 1930s, gold bullion prices started to rise because the Great Depression had devalued the dollar significantly. President Franklin Roosevelt and the US government seized gold bullion from everyone within US borders and used the ore to pay down our nation’s debt and restore solvency to the greenback. If our government had not done this, we would probably be using gold instead of dollar bills today. Instead, US fiat currency was salvaged and we have been stuck using paper IOUs for the last seven or eight decades.

After the dollar strengthened, gold bullion ownership was re-legalized and the dollar began to fall yet again. Inflation peaked in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and American consumers lost 65% of their spending power by sticking with dollar-backed assets. Meanwhile, gold rose over 1000% and many investors were able to preserve their purchasing power throughout that cycle by owning physical gold.

Our dollar looks to be taking another long-term tumble and many economists believe that we could see the dollar approach the point of insolvency in the current cycle if our government continues to flood our financial markets with increasingly worthless notes. In this round of gold bullion vs. the dollar, gold bullion looks to have the potential advantage because the international community appears fed up with the United States’ malicious manipulation of the monetary supply. To get more information on the battle between gold bullion vs. the dollar or to let us know what you consider the more valuable form of money, register below or give us a call directly. 

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