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Time is short, but it is not too late.

October 10, 2011 - If I had to name just one cause for the widespread investor complacency in these treacherous times it would be the disproportionately low rate of inflation. Even the true rate, which the majority of Americans are unaware of despite the pain in their wallets, is no where near the record. But we are living on borrowed time.

With so much wealth entrusted to funds over which they have no control it is not surprising that people are reluctant to accept that runaway inflation is a very real possibility. But the past few years put fear in the hearts of countless Americans approaching retirement.

People see that paper investments have become unusually volatile and they sense that gold offers the security they are seeking, but the markets seems to be telling a different story. That’s because there are two opposing forces at work: the government, which through its near-zero interest policy is pushing its citizens towards risky investments and ever deeper indebtedness, and the citizens who crave fiscal sanity.

Make no mistake about it, there are much more difficult times ahead. If it feels like the folks in charge don’t know what they are doing it is because they truly don’t. They have meddled in the natural order of the free market for so long that they have forgotten the basic laws. They keep right on pushing it with a rope hoping to change its course, but in the end the markets will self correct.

It would be wise for people to trust their instincts because it is not yet too late. There is a way to avert retirement disaster – the Gold IRA.

A Gold IRA is the perfect solution to retirement worries. Rather than entrust your wealth to the whims of Wall Street and some unknown fund manager, with a Gold IRA you make all of the investment decisions. And you can fortify your fund with gold bullion.

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