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Buying gold bullion is an investment in America’s future.

June 13, 2011 – Sometimes it helps to look at America from someone else’s perspective to fully grasp the urgency of making gold bullion investments. In South Africa’s BusinessDay Tim Cohen poses this question: “are voters sensible, farsighted and broadminded enough to vote for fewer services or higher taxes” to help turn the economy around?

Mainstream commentary has done its best to convince us that everything is under control and there is no real cause for concern, but because “so many financial commentators have a vested interest in economic growth, the line between wishful thinking and real analysis can be a moving target.” None-the-less it gets more difficult every day to dismiss everything we observe first hand.

“Low interest rates and high debt,” Cohen explains, has created a “cruel paradox”: Any significant improvement in the economy would lead to rising interest rates, consequently increasing the cost of servicing the debt and constricting cash flow, thereby countering any growth that had been realized.

The overarching question, as Cohen sees it, is whether American voters have the necessary economic literacy to fully understand the paradox and to do what must be done. In reality, however, that question is moot. All we need do is open our eyes to the realities surrounding us and let common sense prevail over emotion.

There can be no recovery without fundament change, a restoration of our government to its constitutionally defined roll. The government must realize and publicly admit that a century of misguided policy has failed miserably, rendering it incapable of sustaining the status quo. The people must accept that cold truth and be willing to take back responsibility for our own lives and to fulfill our duty as active participants in our own governance.

That is a tall order, and it calls for great individual sacrifice. But the rebirth of a democracy defined by the ideals put forth in our Constitution will bring incalculable rewards for both individuals and the nation as a whole. I believe Americans still have what it takes to start anew and earn the pride we feel for our great country. Our government, I fear, does not.

Chances are that the government will continue to struggle against the current until it finally gets pulled under. But America is not the government, it is the spirit vested in its people. We owe it to ourselves and to the future to let go of its shirtsleeves and not let it drag us down as well.

When we invest in gold bullion we take the first step towards the rebirth of America as it was intended to be.

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