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Daily Gold Bullion Update

December 10, 2009 – With our traditional investments expected to decline further in 2010, it is no surprise that Gold Eagle bullion prices have risen, as have other products available on the gold market. This market has seen an influx of new investors recently, and market analysts believe that demand for gold could drive the gold spot price to $1500 next year.

Demand for safe-haven assets has grown every month since our recession began three years ago, and expectations for an economic boost from the holiday retail season have been lowered dramatically since that season began two weeks ago. For the latest information on the gold market or to receive live gold spot price updates, register below after learning more about the gold bullion market in this update.

Our nation’s credit crunch is expected to grow worse in 2010, as more mortgage and credit card companies battle to collect on their outstanding loans. This could prove to be quite a chore, because the consumer to which loans were made are facing higher unemployment and a weakening job market. Additionally, inflation could put many creditors out of business once our Federal Reserve raises its key lending rate, because these creditors (not to mention investors with cash accounts) would lose their principle if interest rates were raised to double-digits, as they were in the 1970s and 1980s.

If you foresee high inflation or the potential collapse of US currency, you can join the millions of investors who have purchased modern-day Gold Eagle bullion and certified Gold Eagle coins that were minted prior to 1933. Contact or register below for more information on gold products that could protect and grow your wealth in the midst of this recessionary period. 

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